Wednesday, March 25, 2009

John Higgins at Ceramic Art London

Clementina and John Higgins at her stand at Ceramic Art London 2009

I could never have managed to set up at Ceramic Art London without the generosity and help of fellow potter John Higgins who very kindly lent me plinths, table and shelves for the show...AND he helped me put them together, and dismantle and pack them up at the end! Totally indebted to him...his own stand, as seen here was absolutely fabulous, the display echoing the shapes and feel of his pieces.

John Higgins' stand at Ceramic Art London 2009

Clementina in the Financial Mail

An article on highlights at the recent Design Indaba in Cape Town

Friday, March 20, 2009

NORTH SOUTH exhibition in Abergavenny..continued..

Exhibition at The Art Shop, Abergavenny, Wales, UK

North South

5 March - 11 April 2009

A painter from Sweden and a ceramic artist from South Africa. Both artists share an exuberance for dazzlingly rich and textured colour. These works sit comfortably together.

Clementina van der walt
Clementina has been a significant force in South African ceramics for the last three decades. She comes to us fresh from exhibiting at Ceramic Art London (Royal College of Art), with a new collection of work. Here is an artist working with a unique purity and vibrancy, from outside the British ceramic tradition.
'Clementina's platters, bowls and cups serve as objects both for use and for contemplation... They are touched by hand and lip as well as the eye and mind... the smooth gloss interior of a plate where the food is to rest is set against the matt surface of the rim - sufficiently rough to speak of baked earth but not coarse enough to repel the hand... They are lyrical and light. They make reference to the African cultural and physical landscape in the play of colour - a dark brown of wet earth against the ochre of burnt veldt; the khaki of grass against the white of cloud, and always the grace note of that wonderful ox blood red.'
(Exhibition review by Wilma Cruise, Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town, 2005.)

Annica Neumuller
Annica has lived and worked in Monmouth since moving from her home in Sweden nine years ago. Stepping through the door of her house and into her studio, one is immediately aware that the rooms are an extension of her paintings - the decoration, contents and colour flow one into the other. Her surroundings are her visual vocabulary. Drawings in charcoal and pencil laid down in sequence are her starting point. Annica paints bold and colourful abstracts, large and small, but only in the sense that she abstracts; this is not mere pattern making, but a direct reference to her environment and experiences. Sometimes the objects disappear, only to reappear later on in the painting process. These paintings will entice the viewer with their rich, luscious and tactile qualities.

click here to view a small collection of paintings by Annica Neumuller

click here to view a small collection of ceramics by Clementina van der Walt

Ceramic tableware plate
Clementina van der Walt