Wednesday, November 5, 2014

From African Earth

The Kalkbay Modern will be hosting an exhibition, Sculpture & Ceramics, which opens tonight at 6pm. This exhibition, themed From African Earth is part of the Month of Ceramics and will showcase sculptors and ceramicists from the Western Cape.

I have some new vases on show...please do pop in when you visit Kalk Bay!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stern's Eccentricities to Life

Lien Botha and I were recently featured in a great online article in the Mail & Guardian by MELVYN MINNAAR who describes the exhibition as a staged intervention in Irma Stern's house. He goes onto say that "A flamboyant set of tableware is laid out as for an artsy banquet" typical of the late Irma Stern in "colours that bounce off the tones in the surrounding paintings." For more on this online article, read here


Play time with Clay Time

The November issue of House & Leisure has a wonderful 5 page spread about ceramics, ceramicists and all one needs to know about clay craft & design in the Western Cape. The article comes just in time to celebrate the inaugural ceramics month entitled "From African Earth", where exhibitions, events and studios will be opened to the public to appeal to and attract ceramic enthusiasts from all over. 

If you are indeed a ceramic enthusiast like myself, I highly recommend buying this issue, and popping into the many events that will be taking place over the course of the next few weeks. Hopefully after paging through this article, you will want to get stuck in to a lump of clay or simply invest in a beautiful clay work of art! For more information, watch this space or follow us on Facebook, Clementina Ceramics.

Monday, October 6, 2014


Spring has finally arrived in the Groenfontein Valley (outside Calitzdorp in the Klein Karoo) - recent rains have resulted in wonderful fresh tones and textures of green. Take a drive out from Calitzdorp and rejuvenate your soul!

The Kraaldoring Gallery will be open most of this week from Monday 6 - Friday 10 October  - not the weekend though..(: There is no cel reception or landline here so best to whatsapp 082 925 0871 or email if you are driving out specially. We might just have to nip out into the dorp to get provisions....

It seems appropriate to cite this wonderful poem by Afrikaans poet 
C. LOUIS LEIPOLDT  1880-1947


Viooltjies in die voorhuis,
        Viooltjies blou en rooi!
Viooltjies orals op die veld,
        En orals, ai, so mooi!

Dit is die maand Oktober,
                       die mooiste, mooiste maand:
Dan is die dag so helder,
                       so groen is elke aand,
So blou en sonder wolke
                       die hemel heerlik bo,
So blomtuin-vol van kleure
                       die asvaal ou Karoo.

Dit is die maand Oktober:
                       die varkblom is in bloei;
Oor al die seekoegate
                       is kafferskuil gegroei;
Die koppies, kort gelede
                       nog as ‘n klip so kaal,
Het nou vir welkomsgroetnis
                       hul mooiste voorgehaal.

Dit is die maand Oktober:
                       die akkerboom is groen;
Die bloekoms langs die paaie
                       is almal nuutgeboen;
En orals in die tuin rond
                       ruik jy sering en roos,
Jasmyn en katjiepiering,
                       lemoen en appelkoos.

Al was die dag soos yster,
                       lank in die vuur gesteek,
Die varings in die klofies
                       deur hitte geel verbleek,
Tog as die son daaronder
                       agter die berge gaan,
Dan word oor heel die wêreld
                       die mooiste geur geslaan.

Dit is die maand Oktober:
                       die kokewiet is uit;
Boomsingertjies en kriekies
                       die hoor jy orals fluit;
Fiskaal is op die oorlog:
                       daaronder by die sluis,
Daar is ‘n dor ou doringboom
                       sy spens en sy kombuis,

Dit is die maand Oktober:
                       ek dink, die mense vier
Vir ewig in die hemel
                       Oktobermaand soos hier!
Wat wens jy meer as blomme,
                       as helder dag en nag?
Wat kan jy beter, mooier,
                       of heerliker verwag?

Ek is nog in Oktober:
                       my tuin is nog so groen,
So wit met al wat mooi is,
                       met bloeisels van lemoen,
So pragtig in die môre.
                       so heerlik in die aand!
Ek is nog in Oktober,
                       die mooiste, mooiste maand!

Wat gee ek om die winter?
                       Wat praat jy nou van Mei?
Wat skeel dit, as ons later
                       weer donker dae kry?
Ek is nou in Oktober,
                       die mooiste, mooiste maand,
Met elke dag so helder,
                       so pragtig elke aand!

Viooltjies in die voorhuis,
        Viooltjies blou en rooi!
Viooltjies orals op die veld,
        En orals, ai, so mooi!


Translation of 2 verses into English by Eleanor Lemmer

Month of October! Loveliest, loveliest month of all!
The day so clear, so green at twilight,
The sky above, so blue and cloudless,
As vivid as a flower-garden, the ancient grey Karoo,
As vivid as a flower-garden, the ancient grey Karoo.

It's the month of October!
Seems folk here celebrate forever
in a month as heavenly as October!
Who can wish for more than flowers, as bright as day and night?
Who expects better, lovelier, glorious?
Who expects better, lovelier, glorious?
What care I for winter?
Why talk now of May?
What does it matter if dark days re-appear?
I'm now in October, loveliest, loveliest month of all
Each day so clear, so splendid every evening!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Stern Exchange

You are invited to THE STERN EXCHANGE

an exhibition by Lien Botha and Clementina  van der Walt

on Saturday 4th October 2014 at 10:30

as part of Designing Destiny 

The Cape Town Month of Photography,Film & New Media ’14 Festival.
To be opened by Michael Godby
Exhibition styled in collaboration with EBONY
Walkabout on Wednesday 15th October at 10:30

 Exhibition closes 25th October 2014
MOP6 Festival program 15 September – 31st October on 
The UCT Irma Stern Museum
Cecil Road, Rosebank, Cape Town Tel. 021 685 5686
Opening hours:
Tues-Fri         10:00 - 17:00
Sat                  10: 00 - 14:00

The Stern Exchange is a collaboration between lens-based artist Lien Botha  and ceramic artist Clementina van der Walt and will also be part of the Sixth Cape Town Month of Photography.
     Whilst the artists will each independently be investigating aspects of the Irma Stern Museum and reflecting these in separate bodies of work in their respective mediums, the original idea was  to present something along the lines of the Grayson Perry installations in the British Museum – The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman – in 2011/12.

Botha, besides exhibiting work from two existing portfolios called Moundou (2008) and Plant Press (2009), also created a unique set of eight photographic prints, featuring staff of the Irma Stern Museum and which can best be described as an idiosyncratic insertion into the raison d’être of this venerated building.

Van der Walt will show ceramic works which embrace both the utilitarian and contemplative aspects of the ceramic discipline. Much of the style and methods of working have been inspired by experiencing two parallel lives – an urban life in the City of Cape Town and a rural life on a farm outside Calitzdorp in the Klein Karoo where she spends many weeks of the year.
     Her  intention is to ‘seek the sacred in the ordinary’; “I endeavour to make contemplative objects which have a utilitarian dimension. My aesthetic inspiration is drawn from the patterns, colours, light and textures in the urban and natural African landscape.”

Finally, the interplay between ceramic work and photographic prints will be tied together with furniture - supplied and coordinated  by Ebony Design.

*Esteemed academic and Art Historian, Professor Michael Godby will open the exhibition.
*There will be a walkabout on Wednesday 15 October with Irma Stern lucky packets available for sale.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Recent Visit to Taipei

I have just arrived back from an incredible 10 day trip to Taipei, Taiwan. My partner, Albie Bailey, and I were fortunate to visit this city and explore the streets, taste the exotic dishes and meet the beautiful people. 

The reason for our trip was to visit the Yingge Museum of Ceramics where my work is on display for a few months as part of an international Ceramic Exhibition. 

Masquerade is an installation of mine, comprising of 18 masks and is on show at this prestigious Ceramic museum. In this picture, I was lucky enough to meet the director of the museum, Chen Chun-Lan. 

My installation is also featured in their exquisite 215 page catalog, which comprise of pictures and blurbs about each Ceramicist taking part in the show from across the globe.

We were welcomed with absolute warmth and reverence by the director as she awarded  me with this Certificate of Gratitude. I thought this was a lovely gesture.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ceramic Culture on Show in Japan

This piece was selected for Honorable Mention in this international competition. 

Intending to promote development of the ceramic industry and exploring culture through international exchanges of ceramic designs, this exhibition comprises of ceramic work from across the globe, displaying innovative ideas and beautiful designs.
The exhibition is opening today 12 September -Sunday 19 September 2014.
For further information, please visit Ceramic Exhibition in Japan