Friday, April 8, 2016

A Little Bit of Play with a Little Bit of Clay - Let's call it MEMPHIS!

I've always done things a bit differently, pushing design limits in shape, colour and texture. I've never been able to conform to conservative design trends. Instead I express my creativity through experimentation. At times, my work may have "toned down" a bit but at other times it depicted my wild side, the playful element where design rules get thrown out the window and I just create what feels right. My latest range, Memphis is just that. It's a platform to break all rules, play a bit and explore my creative freedom. This is my take on a kind of "Modern Memphis", throwing in random shapes of colour yet still preserving my basic fundamental forms that have modestly evolved into the latest Clementina ranges; Afro Deco, Afro Retro and now Memphis.