Thursday, August 5, 2010


Recently made pinch pots with new glazes

Paulus Berenson author of 'Finding One's way With Clay' was a huge influence in the 70's. I loved his approach of continuing and constant practice which brings about a deepening of one's work. And in turn his inspiration from Martha Graham who demonstrated the essential significance of revealing the inner person in our work.
Berenson's book published in 1972, in spite of somewhat dated-looking black and white images, introduces the technique and meaning of pinching with a series of exercises which are timeless. As in meditation, pinching remains always a central 'support' to which one may return. Over the years, I have referred to this book often when teaching pinching to students, and now my assistants , Sandile and Adonis, are trying their hands(fingers actually!) at pinching.

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Plain Jane said...

Dis pragtig - die potjies van jou. Hou van die fyn tog rowwe afwerking. En die kleure is net so special! Ronel