Saturday, September 4, 2010

SJOE! at the end of the day...

Multi-purpose dish with oranges

Heartworks monkey sitting next to pale yellow vase with camelias

Lemons nestling on a turquoise green glazed oval dish

A view of the studio display for the SJOE! launch

Adonis, Clementina and Sandile - the makers of the work on show

We've had a fabulous response to the new range - here are some of the snapshots prior to the crowds of people arriving. We were too busy during the event to take pictures!


Eugene Hon said...

It looks great Tina, love the work on the table, the styling is excellent. Hope all goes well. Fabulous images.

mieke van sambeeck said...

lovely work you all do, love your colours and wish I lived a bit closer to see it all in the real.