Saturday, April 9, 2011


I received a fabulous order last week to make 25 large platters for a special function to be delivered this coming Friday.
A tall order..!! Possible if the weather is right - i.e. not too wet, and not too hot. As luck would have it, it is HOT(mid thirties today in Cape Town I think) and the platters are c r a c k i n g..very nerve wracking..but we WILL pull it off somehow..trying now to control the pace of drying more slowly yet quickly enough to finish the order...aaah ceramics!! What a teacher of patience and stoicism...

And this afternoon a bit later we are off to a wedding up the west coast - about 100 kms away.
The images posted here are the gifts I have made - a commemorative platter for the bridal couple and a 'christening' bowl for their tiny daughter Sophie. Should be fun!


Dabroart said...

Very nice porcelain plates ... are super...!

Kathryn Ashcroft said...

Oooh they are beautiful. Did you paint the images/ words on? I love the simpicity of the text/drawings combined with the monochrome colour scheme.