Sunday, April 1, 2012


Studio life is going on - hectically - finishing orders which have to be delivered before Easter. The work being made is pretty much what I usually do in the studio...always - still - exciting, challenging, disappointing, wonderful with all the facets that making ceramics invites.

In the meantime - I have been looking at the work of other makers whose ceramics I love and find inspiring. Previous post about Sylvia Zotta I found particularly exciting in her use of colour. 
Today I am inspired by the freedom of form and surface treatment in the ceramics (shown here) of British ceramist, Ashley Howard.
He uses the clay in the way a dancer dances a dance - with ease and grace, complemented with spontaneous details of colour on the surface...aah what freedom, seemingly so simple and yet surely a result of many years of developing such skill and understanding of form and technique.

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