Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Cylindrical Capriccio vases
Earthenware with engobe painting. Height: 37cm, 32.5 cm and 41 cm
 Photo: Evelin Frerk.

Capricciopitcher and mugs
Earthenware with engobe painting. Height of the mugs: 10 cm, height of the pitcher: 27 cm. 
Photo: Michael Wurzbach.

I absolutely love the work of Elke Sada. I have some of her cups at home and drinking tea from them is like viewing an abstract painting each time. Using mainly very simple shapes, Elke then treats the surface as a full three-dimensional canvas with loads of bright colour and pattern. A complete delight!
(Some of these images above are from the Art Aurea website which displays all sorts of wonderful things)

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